• Color coded Metal Film
    • Axial style
    • Miniature series available
    • Power Range - 1/6W to 5W
  • Description
  • Features
  • Applications

KMF series is a range of high stability, high reliability, and multi coated precision metal film resistors. This series of resistors features low noise and low temperature coefficient. A wide range of resistance values are available in this series of Resistors. These resistors are suitable for applications involving precision electronic circuits. Small sized metal film resistors, KMF(S), and super small sized metal film resistors, KMF(SS), are also available in this series.


Model # Power (W) Min Res (Ohm) Max Res (Ohm)
KMF1/6 - 0.1 22000000
KMF1/4 0.25 0.1 22000000
KMF1/2 0.5 0.1 22000000
KMF1 1 0.1 22000000
KMF2 2 0.1 22000000
KMF3 3 0.1 22000000
KMF5 5 0.1 22000000

  • Low Noise.
  • Low temperature coefficient.
  • Wide range of resistance values available.
  • Good electrical stability, reliability and mechanically very rigid.
  • Multi coated.
  • Small and Super small sizes are available

  • Lighting applications including LED drivers
  • Railway
  • General Electronic circuits


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