• Vitreous enamel coated
    • Axial style
    • Power Range - 5W to 20W
    • Resistance Range - R10 to 10K?
  • Description
  • Features
  • Applications

KCV series are non flammable Ceramic Encased Resistors. The resistors are sealed in ceramic boats with special cement. This process make the resistors highly resistant to heat, moisture and have excel-lent mechanical strength, making them most suitable for various elec-tronic circuits

Available Models

Model # Power (W) Min Res (Ohm) Max Res (Ohm)
KCV2 2 0.1 82
KCV3 3 0.1 180
KCV5 5 0.1 180
KCV7 7 0.1 430
KCV10 10 0.1 470
KCV(S)10 10 0.1 360

  • Flameproof Construction.
  • High Safety.
  • Excellent electrical and mechanical stability.
  • High resistance to heat and moisture.

  • General Electronic and Electrical circuits
  • Pre charge, Discharge applications


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